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Kunci Sukses di Tahun 2008 Menurut Donald Trump

Ini postingan terdahsyat yang saya temukan kemarin dari Donald Trump.

Makanya, sayang juga kalau hanya saya nikmati sendiri saja.

Meskipun istilah “think big” ini sering lewat di kuping kita, tapi memang harus diingatkan terus.

Apalagi kalau orang yang mengingatkannya adalah dari pelakunya sendiri. Sudah proven.

Think big.

Think big.

Think big.

But, act small first…

Oya, ada buku menarik yang lagi saya baca terkait topik ini. Judulnya Think Big Act Small dari Jason Jennings terbitan BIP.

Silakan dibaca tulisan asli dari sang maestro property di bawah ini:

To make 2008 your most successful year ever . . . Think big!

When you were a child, would you have liked to keep crawling, when everyone else was walking? I don’t think so.

We all have to start with small steps, but the point is:

Get to the biggest steps you’re capable of taking.

Thinking small will limit your potential. Thinking big will take you places. Thinking big can get you to the top, and I can tell you, it’s not lonely up here.

Successful people like challenges. It’s our nature. Keep in sync with this basic premise, and you’ll begin moving forward with the momentum necessary for great achievement.

Striving from an early age is one secret to success. I learned to work hard from an early age, trying to catch up with my father who was a very successful developer. But you can keep striving no matter what your age or accomplishments.

These three concepts will guide you:

1. Ask yourself why your plans are so small. Then begin to expand your horizons.

2. Concentrate on managing your future, not your past. Learn from the past, but don’t stay there.

3. Look at the solution. Don’t focus on the problem.

The faculty and staff of Trump University join Donald J. Trump in wishing you the most successful year ever.

Semoga bermanfaat…

Salam FUUUNtastic!

Think Big, But Act Small….


Roni, Owner Manet Busana Muslim, Founder Komunitas TDA

NB – Baru aja saya posting, ada lagi tambahan 20 Tips Sukses Pilihan dari Donald Trump. Seru banget. Ini dia:

1. Think big

2. Be positive

3. Follow your passion

4. Learn something new every day

5. Listen to your gut

6. Be patient

7. Put a great team behind you

8. Put beauty in everything you do

9. Learn to negotiate, because everything you want demands it

10. Always go for the biggest win possible

11. Invest in real estate because it is the best investment there is

12. Take risks

13. Be audacious and get into the public eye

14. Be your own brand

15. Enjoy doing some work seven days a week and on vacations*

16. Say no

17. Get out of your comfort zone

18. Be stubborn when necessary

19. Always have a Plan B

20. Never settle for second best

* tips nomor 15 itu yang masih berat untuk saya praktekkan….


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