What Kind of Life Do You Want to Live?

Saya menerima email dari seorang teman yang berbagi cerita mengenai rasa syukur karena telah menemukan ” a kind of life she want to live”.

Ceritanya begitu menyentuh saya, dan saya ingin bagikan juga untuk anda.

Selamat menikmati. Semoga terinspirasi.


Roni, Owner Manet Busana Muslim


Jakarta, 25 April 2008

Frequently people ask, to others or themselves, “what kind of life do you want to live ?” For me the question, always be “what kind of being do I want to experience in this life ?” I don’t know, where that question came from, but that question always nagging me.. from the beginning I’ve been awared of my own live.

After I read “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” of Michael Newton, I struck by my comprehension about my Soul. I now understood why that question always appears in my head. Also, I understood why I hardly asked myself about “how much I like to have from my life”. I never felt that Question as is my Life-Quest nor I will motivated strongly by “Have” dreaming .

Today, I am very touched by a feeling of a Deeply Gratitude whenever I realized that the cycle of my life is made of the cycle of Miracles…. Miraculous things..… constantly appears in my life make a wonderful live of mine. Whatever the challenges.. whatever the adversity moments I had experienced, it’s like a chain of process of designing a priceless jewelry which is always required very skillful craftsmanship. And that skill will acquired by challenging yourself to experience perfection through totally accept of what ever you have created and be grateful of it. And then, move forward to other experience of perfection and gratitude.

Seven years ago, I found my life’s contract.. a statement of your understanding of What Being you truly want to experience in your Journey of life. For years after that, still I did’nt fully understand of what that statement meant for my life. However, I didn’t mind to keeping it in my heart and reminding myself about that contract. But, now, after reading lots of books that I considerd as such spiritual books.. or other may calls them New Age books, the main question in my head lead to the question about who is really responsible on my design of life ?.. why my life’s contract : I am a giving, sensitive and courage woman – is felt really true me ?. And what stop me not to be and living in that contract ?

Now.. I am touched..I am overwhelmed.. by a feeling of being really connected of my Soul… my Devine Soul… I feel really joyful, grateful and really alive… and the feeling.. more exactly, the experience is like being showerd by Love and Abundance…which is undescribable..

Now, I can see and feel, that my life is the perfect moment to live as I evolve to be the perfect soul..Should I miss the opportunity because of my ignorance ?

Or, I will always say… like Josh Groban’s song :

“I cherish all You gave me, everyday…..”

I thank you for all Souls that willing to join me in this priceless..timeless.. journey which is not only designing a very wonderful Journey of mine.. but, I believe, yours too

With Love..


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